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Our top priority is customer satisfaction. We work with you to ensure good service and the highest quality. That’s not our opinion. It’s what our customers say.

Great professionalism and involvement with their customers, aware of the pressure in the automotive sector, they know how to deal with the unexpected.

Human touch.

Cruz RB

Second tier automotive aluminium foundry

Super-professional customer.
Teamwork in our customer-supplier relationship.

State-of-the-art technology.
Great personnel.

Rafa E.

Tool manufacturer

As manufacturers of components for the automotive sector, we need high quality services that meet the industry standard and with flexibility to be able to deal with changing demands.

BURNIKER excels at supplying machined parts and assembling components; very well prepared in terms of quality and technology, also being able to manufacture directly for some of the most important automotive manufacturers in Europe with excellent results.

Luis A.

Second tier automotive aluminium foundry

As a supplier of automation, excellent implication and personal attention.

True specialist in automotive machining.

Gor G.

Specialist automation company

Burniker is a company with a customer-led philosophy. It boasts great professionals in every department of the company who are focused on meeting demands, ensuring high-quality service and products.

When requirements change, they always collaborate to find a solution that satisfies the customer without affecting deliveries.

André R.

Second tier automotive aluminium foundry

This is a customer with a high production capacity based on their extensive installations, their complete, modern machining line, the well-developed quality control and great human capital.

Very proactive when it comes to suggesting improvements that lead to both parties improving know-how. Always very professional attention and a strong commitment to collaborating companies.

Manufacturer of watertight parts